We Are Here to Take Care of You

No matter if you have 50 orders or 5,000 orders - at Lee's we can help you with all of the details. We want to make giving the gift of Lee's as easy as possible for you and/or your business.

We understand that each business that shops with us is different. We will directly with you to figure out your chocolate market and send you the chocolate and candy products that will fit best in your area. 

We are excited to be able to offer this service to our customers and we look forward to doing business with you!

How Do We Make It Easy to Do Business With Us?

Multi-Recipient Shipping

We just need your shipping list and we can ship to anyone in the U.S.  

Individualized Messaging 

We can add your message to any box of our chocolates. 

Personalized Service

A dedicated personal shopper to help you throughout your entire order. 

Current Volume Savings Tiers

$500 - $1,999 10%

*Free shipping is only to a single address. If you are shipping to multiple addressess you will be charged additional for shipping.

About Lee's Candies

Over 75 Years of Chocolate & Candy Making

In the early 1900’s, LG Nokleby traveled the country working for the finest confectioneries in order to develop his superior candy recipes. He fostered a motto that has remained to this day: “Never change your quality”. In 1947, with LG’s guidance and experience, he helped his son Lee Nokleby in founding Lee’s Candies in Boise, Idaho. Thanks to the superior confections that Lee produced, the business began to grow. It quickly became a tradition for many families in the Boise area.  In 1972, Lee moved his business from its original downtown location to Boise’s first official shopping center, Vista Village, where it remains today. 

As a young boy, Lee’s son Curtis began apprenticing for his father. In 1986, Lee passed his apron on, and Curtis took over the business. Curtis weathered many changes in the candy industry, but because he held onto the motto “Never change your quality”, Lee’s continued to maintain its loyal clientele while steadily gaining new customers. 

As he approached retirement, Curtis decided to hang up his apron. In 2021, He passed the reins onto a local father-daughter duo, Katie and Ken Fernandez. With the motto “Never change your quality” in mind, Katie and Ken moved forward with the tradition of excellent candy and excellent customer service. The candies and chocolates produced at Lee’s Candies still use the same recipes that LG and Lee developed decades ago. Because, why mess with perfection? To this day, Lee’s candies provides a quality product to its local Boise followers, as well as customers all over the country.